Projucer Analytics Window

@fabian Thanks for adding the ‘Application Usage Analytics’ window to the Projucer.

But it’s kind of persistent in an non-charming way:

  • Untoggle the ‘Help JUCE to improve its software…’ and click ok.
  • Reopen the window (on macOS) via Projucer -> Application Usage Data
    -> It’s toggled again…

Btw. Just out of curiosity, why does the Projucer communicate with ?

I’ve just pushed a fix for this that will be on develop shortly - the popup window should now remember your preference.

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Great, thanks!

Now it behaves as expected.

I believe we use cloudinary for the user avatars in the Projucer (while we’re on this topic, you can now set an avatar in the Projucer and it’s totally sweet - if you go to and sign in with your my.roli account you can go to the “my profile” section and change it and it will be picked up when you sign into the Projucer)

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