Without Projucer, JUCE_REPORT_APP_USAGE defaults to 1?

Sorry if I’m reading the code wrong, but the JUCESplashScreen is embedded into the ResizableWindow and AudioProcessorEditor classes by default. And in JUCESplashScreen if the JUCE_REPORT_APP_USAGE define is not already defined then it sets it to 1 by default. Can this be changed to not do that?


Projucer sets JUCE_REPORT_APP_USAGE to 1 by default as well (see https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE/blob/master/extras/Projucer/Source/Project/jucer_Project.cpp#L128), which is consistent with the C++ code. Projucer only sets JUCE_REPORT_APP_USAGE to 0 when it knows that you have paid for a commercial license, or if you license your application under GPL.

Right that’s a good point, thanks. I guess I expected that the Projucer would enable the tracking on project save when not in paid/gpl mode (or by opt-in when so). I’m not looking to make a big fuss about it but I do think a more proper opt-in solution would be nicer.