Projucer cause icon changes each time projects get written

I have defined an icon for our project. Each time I save the project, all the icon binaries are different. This causes a large number of binary files that need to be reset, before I can commit to git. Could these files be written in a way, that does not create a diff ?

How have you added the icon file to your project? If you’ve marked the file as a binary resource in the Projucer then there shouldn’t be any changes when you re-save the project. For example, in the Projucer .jucer project there are a number of icons and images in the BinaryData folder that don’t creates any diffs when re-saving.

I have added the icons in the file explorer on the top level and I have set them as Small and Large Icon in the Exporters. The generated .icon, .icns and .png files are different each time they are generated from source .png files. Maybe there is some metadata, that is different each time ?

It’s a good practice to not put generated files in your repo, and add them to your .gitignore instead.


That would require us to run the Projucer before any build. That is not an option for the build server, or can it be run from the command line ?

The Projucer does support command line options, such as Projucer --resave myProject.jucer