Projucer command line windows

When I try to run the Projucer from the command line on Windows, it hangs after telling me it has:

Finished saving: Linux Makefile
Finished saving: Visual Studio 2015
Finished saving: Xcode (MacOSX)

No such problem on Linux, haven’t yet tried on OSX.

[edit] works fine on OSX too. Seems like a windows only problem.

I don’t think it’s hung - just press a key and it should continue.

If you run the same command from a batch script then there will be no requirement for a key press.

Thanks Tom. My instinct was to hit Ctrl+C once I saw it didn’t behave as it does on OSX. I tried calling the projucer with a simple Python build script, but it hangs. My Python script is pretty simple for now:

import subprocess
import sys
import os

pathToJucer = sys.argv[1];

createCabbageIDEProject = str(pathToJucer)+ " --resave ../../MyProject.jucer"
process = subprocess.Popen(createCabbageIDEProject, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

I’m sure the path to my project is correct as it works fine if I call it from the command line and hit a key after a few moments to finish. I would really like to be able to us a python script to build my apps as it involves quite a lot fo copied and rebuilding.

I think you could call a batch script (which in turns calls the Projucer) from Python and it would work. You could generate the batch script on the fly, but clearly this isn’t an ideal solution.

you are calling with shell=True, do you need that?
I think this will use cmd, whose default behaviour is to wait for a keystroke after finishing it’s process…
Maybe try again without shell or shell=False.

Thanks guys. I’ll try out those suggestions. Creating a batch script on the fly should do fine. I only have to script it once. I’ll let you know if what @daniel suggested fixes it.