Projucer crash in macOS

With latest develop branch, opened Projucer, clicked the “Save and Open in IDE” button, and then the ROLI account login window showed up, and then Projucer crashed with this report:

Projucer_2017-12-31-182601_Yairs-MacBook-Pro.crash.txt (78.2 KB)

Problem doesn’t reproduce now after I’ve logged in…

Thanks, I’ll look into this.

Here’s another crash -
Projucer_2018-01-07-190351_Yairs-MacBook-Pro.crash (92.7 KB)

I switched branches back to my release branch, used JUCE 4’s Projucer there, switched back to JUCE 5 branch and then it asked me to login again and then crashed when I did.

This is still happening.
Someone who switches between JUCE 4 and 5 (for example to check if problems were fixed) would notice it because after re-building the JUCE 5 Projucer it’ll always ask for login again…