Projucer crashes when loging in

Just downloaded JUCE for Windows. When I enter my details and click the ‘Sign In’ button in Projucer, the app crashes. Sometimes it logs in and displays some options, sometimes it doesn’t - but it always crashes after clicking the sign in button when the correct credentials entered. Please advise.

I can’t reproduce this running the latest Projucer on Windows 10. Which version of Windows is this? Can you provide a crash log?

It’s Windows 10. The app seems to be working fine now and I’ve manage to sign in and gain access to the wizard. If I’m ever able to reproduce the error I’ll post it on here.

Thanks for responding.

I am not facing a crash but several exceptions while Projucer is creating instance of IWebControl2. The JUCE version is 5.2.0. I will post exact details and stack trace in the next post.