Projucer exporter script information available?

I’m looking at adding some post-build scripts (for AAX signing, copy-protection, file copying, etc), and I’d like to create an external file containing the script that is able to take different actions depending on if Debug vs. Release, which target is being processed (AAX, VST2, VST3, AU, AUv3, or Shared Code), and possibly other information I haven’t thought of yet. How do I go about doing this? Is there a way to call an external script and pass that information? Even if I have to enter the script directly into that box in Projucer, how do I get this kind of information? Is it documented? I’ve look at the Projucer manual, but don’t see the specifics of what I can access from the script phase. (I’ll need to do this on Mac and Windows both, so on Windows, I assume I’ll use the “Post-build command” box in the Debug or Release configuration, instead of the “Post Build Shell Script” on the Xcode exporter.)

I found a little bit of information in this post:

It is so little documented, since it is XCode or the other IDEs, that execute the script, so knowledge about their environment is actually more important than knowledge abut Projucer.

Thanks, that link helped. I’ve bookmarked the Xcode variables list in my browser, and will do likewise on my Windows machine when I move to there to add that script. Thanks again!