Projucer file conversion to cmake

We’d like to figure out how to recreate something close or identical to the AudioPluginDemo using cmake instead of the Projucer. Is there an easy method or documentation about how to make this conversion?

A good starting point is the CMakeLists at examples/CMake/AudioPlugin/CMakeLists.txt

Thanks- we actually use a cmake system for our normal plugins but we’re trying to figure out iOS and have had the most success with AudioPluginDemo’s iOS export, so wanted to recreate what I see there. For instance, how in cmake to do things like adding target dependencies and embed app extensions. I realize this isn’t a simple question- just wondering if there’s other resources/methods besides painstakingly piecing it together.

AUv3 plugins should build out-of-the-box with CMake, but you do need to use the Xcode exporter.

Something like this should work:


You’ll also need to remember to add AUv3 and Standalone to the FORMATS argument of juce_add_plugin. Juce will automatically copy the AUv3 AppExtension to the correct location in the Standalone app bundle as part of the build.

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Thanks! I’m also seeing some of your advice on other threads related to this, so I appreciate the help and will search around and try to wrap my head around it.