Projucer focus issue

I am running the latest Projucer on Win7. I create a new GUI project then click on Source the row is selected for a couple of seconds and the deselects. If I quickly right click and choose “Add New Group” it will create it. It is selected with a cursor to edit the name then it deselects making renaming impossible. Right clicking “New Group” and selecting Rename… does nothing.

I had a similar problem little while ago. I just built the projucer as 32bit version then
and that seems to work.

To be honest, i wonder why, but thats what worked for me …


Yes this is a known issue on Windows 7 only with the built binaries you can download from our website. Simply rebuilding the Projucer yourself on windows 7 should fix the issue.

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Strangely rebuilding for Production still doesn’t work but debug does.