Projucer icons for executable files doesn't work

I have set icons to use for executable. I am not sure what does it mean, but I thought my built files (like *.vst3, *.component or *.aaxplugin) should have those icons. But they don’t have it.

My settings look like that:

My final *.aaxplugin file has default Avid plugin icon which is OK as long as I see other developers have the same icon.
But my final files *.vst3 and *.component have no icons at all.

Is there a way to set it properly in Projucer?

Or maybe do you know is there any script command that allows me to change files icon after xCode finish building?

I am trying to automate my plugin release workflow but changing the files icons is something that I still need to d manually by myself.

For any help great thanks in advance.
Best Regards

Icons are for apps (executables) only, not plug-ins. Try adding the “Standalone” build target to your project in Projucer, and you should see your icon appear there.

OK thanks. I found the script command to replace the icon so I am happy with it.