ProJucer && MovieComponent OSX SDK

Perhaps ProJucer should warn if the selected OS X Base SDK is not compatible with a module – for instance MovieComponent requires 10.12 for the AVPlayer member variable automaticallyWaitsToMinimizeStalling


Sorry, actually didn’t realise that was a new symbol! We can just wrap it in a macro to let it build with older SDKs… (but of course we always advise using the latest SDK anyway)

automaticallyWaitsToMinimizeStalling is a new symbol, but everything else will work back to 10.8.

That one line should just be conditionally called. Probably something like this, (Untested)

if [player respondsToSelector:@selector(setAutomaticallyWaitsToMinimizeStalling:)]
     [player performSelector:@selector(setAutomaticallyWaitsToMinimizeStalling:) withObject:@NO];

I think if you just wrap that line in a macro, if you build on new sdk and run on older OS it will crash

Yep, that’s a better idea.

MovieComponent fails to run or build on OSX Lion 10.7, because it could not find symbol CMClockGetHostTimeClock. This symbol is available from OSX 10.8.
The Project I am working should support OSX 10.7 or later versions. So I would like to get help with these stuffs.

And also I hope to add some useful functions to MovieComponent such as setPos, getPos, setSpeed, getSpeed getDuration and so on. Those things would be very useful, and so now I am using those functions added manually.


I think all of that CoreMedia stuff is 10.8 only, isn’t it? That’s why we hung onto the old Quicktime implementation for so long…

If you can find some hacks that make it work on 10.7 we could conditionally use them, but I don’t think we can put too much effort ourselves into trying to get it working on very old OS versions.