Projucer "saving" takes very long


I found that “Saving Project” with Projucer is painfully slow, even with a simple project created using Projucer’s Audio Application template.

This happens on Win 10 64 bit.


Is this a completely new project or have you added some files? Adding large binary files will be slower as these get built into the BinaryData by default.

Yes, this is created directly from “New Project” templates, with nothing added.

The only thing that takes any significant time is saving large amounts of binary data, so you must have added something. Just saving project files should never take more than a second or two.

We’ve in fact found it necessary to add a 2 second wait in the Xcode exporter (both iOS and OS X). Without it, sometimes, if you open the project right after saving (for example when clicking “Save and Open…”) Xcode will moan about a broken project file.

Not sure what in Xcode is causing this problem. Any ideas?

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