Projucer, Xcode Macros and Escaping

So I’ve started implementing AAX PageTables on our plug-ins.
In order to use it you must have a define and make sure you add the file to your Resources*.
(might be worth handling this nicer for Win/Mac & AAX but that’s another story…)

When I define:

  • Xcode, this WON’T work! the quotes being used by Xcode itself.
  • VS2015, works as expected.

When I define:

  • Xcode Yells since it actually breaks the xcode-xml file…

When I define:
(I’ve edited this as discourse escaped me :slight_smile: )

  • It works for Xcode! yay!
  • It’s broken for VS :frowning:

For now I need to DoRY instead of DRY.

Might be nice to fix this…

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We’ll have a look at this.

Do you want the definition of JucePlugin_AAXPageTableFile to include the surrounding “”?

@t0m I didn’t find any documentation of JucePlugin_AAXPageTableFile

However looking at the code and testing shows the following:

  1. The actual use of JucePlugin_AAXPageTableFile is to a const char* which is the filename to be used for mapping…
    So… just as JUCE plug-in name #define is quoted this also must be quoted.
  2. You also need to add it to .aaxplugin/Contents/Resources
    (btw, with current JUCE separate plug-in builds this isn’t trivial. You add Resources in Projucer, but which show up on ALL targets. might be nice adding AAXPageTable to the projucer settings as a filename/path value)

I’ve pushed a fix for this to develop. The following should now work on OS X too:

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Hi @t0m,
Well… close enough :wink: Xcode needs escaping so the export for Xcode should be:

In order to avoid multiple defines for each platform…

Does this escaping still work? I was trying to add a page table for a plugin and I ended up having to have a definition like:


…to get it to compile (but doesn’t work for runtime). My solution right now is to write the definition into the user section of AppConfig.h:

#define JucePlugin_AAXPageTableFile "PluginNameAAXPageTable.xml"

The problem with writing to the AppConfig.h file is that that is not under source control for us, since it’s in the JuceLibraryCode folder that gets generated, and we don’t want all that stuff in source control when it can all be generated. Perhaps we need to add just that file?

Yes, we used to exclude specifically AppConfig.h file from the gitignore, just for the UserSection


That’s IMHO not the elegant solution. as @HowardAntares mentioned,
it’s a generated file… if it’s not resolved by current JUCE builds then it should be addressed. I’ll see on Sunday what’s going on, our releases still uses JUCE 4.3.x IIRC, but I’ll see if 5.x got this regressed as it seems to be working for us.