Questions about Webbrowser Component

I’m checking out the Webbrowser component and I’ve noticed some sites seem not accessable.

One example is

When I type that in the adress bar I get “The website declined to show this webpage”.
(Accessing from my usual browsers FF, IE works fine)


Why is that ?

And another one:
The doc says "The browser itself will be platform-dependent. On the Mac, probably Safari, on Windows, probably IE. "

Is there a way to control this, i.e. have another installed browser used ?

Currently, there is no way to change which web engine JUCE uses for the WebBrowserComponent.

On Windows, it will use IE - but because Microsoft operates in mysterious way, it uses IE 7 by default… yes IE 7. Only the Redmond gods know why, but the only way to override this on Windows, is to set some registry keys for your application. See this or just search for FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION. There is no way to override this programmatically in C++.

To make matters even worse, the registry key is the binary name of your app (for example MyJUCEApp.exe). So if the user re-names your app the WebBrowserComponent will fall back to IE7 again.

This is not a JUCE bug. You need to complain to Microsoft about this.

(…or we need to add support for more web engines on Windows - like chrome - but that will probably not happen anytime soon).


It’s a real shame that windows web views are so limited. Looks like the situation might be a bit better with Windows 10 and edge. Mozilla servo looks like it might be the best option for this kind of thing in the future