Windows 7 and WebBrowserComponent

Hi Julian,
I have couple of questions regarding webBrowserComponent.

  1. You might have read these,
    Windows 7 without IE

Windows 7 allows user to uninstall IE

Would these issues effect webBrowserComponent on Windows 7, since IE may or may not be available.

  1. On windows Vista/XP if by the default version of IE is x and if the user installs IE version x+1, which version of IE would webBrowserComponent use.
  1. I don’t know, TBH. It depends whether they’re omitting just the IE application, or everything related to IE, including the activeX control…

  2. It’d use whatever the latest version is, (unless some new version comes along which uses a completely differently named activeX control, which is unlikely)

Thanks for the prompt reply, lets cross the bridge when we reach the bridge. :smiley: