Quicktime on windows

when i’m compiling juce on visualc 6 with quicktime extension i get this error:

return (((uint64)time.value.hi << 32) | (uint64)time.value.lo) / (double) time.scale;

maybe is visualc 6 that is too old for knowing how to convert this? maybe there is a workaround ?



mmmh no one have a hint for me ?
can i cast to singed __int64 without breaking the function ?


that’s a bit hopeless, isn’t it.

I think it’d be safe to add a cast around the whole thing:

 return ((int64) (((uint64)time.value.hi << 32) | (uint64)time.value.lo))
                    / (double) time.scale;

hey, thanx. but yes it’s a bit hopeless as you say.
in certain cases could behave unexpectedly.


when do you mean?

dunnow just wondering, if the signed int64 keeps a bit for its sign so it would sure have 2^63 possible numbers, not 2^64…
but i’m sure mistaking, i can’t reach a too high time frames number when playing the video… correct me if i’m wrong…


yeah, that’d be a hell of a long movie…

anyway i can’t just get the movie play. i obtain a black component every time i try to addAndMakeVisible, loadMovie and play. i have to load and play in a different function than the constructor ?

Hmm - I’d suggest that the constructor’s a bad place to load or play, because the window won’t be completely initialised yet, and quicktime probably needs to run a few messages before it’s ready to go.

anyway i do:

void mouseEnter(const MouseEvent& e) { File file(T("E:\\vid2.mov")); qt->loadMovie(file,true); qt->play(); }

but the component background remains black.
maybe i try to addAndMakeVisible also in this function ?


Probably not needed. Can you right-click on the qt window and get a menu up or anything?

no. if i right click nothing happens

(actually, there probably isn’t a right-click menu)

Strange, because it definitely all works - have you tried opening a movie in tracktion on your PC? That’d obviously be using the same Component.

What do you get if you set the QT controller bar to be visible, in the loadMovie() call?

mmmmh… so

sure it isn’t…

no in tracktion the window is black (and no QT controller bar anyway) but right clicking make appear the context menu. anyway opening the same mov with vlc it works nicely.

i get anything, just a black window…


erm - silly question, but does the QT player actually work on your machine? VLC doesn’t use QT, does it?

mmnh, actually i don’t have QT installed, i only downloaded the QT SDK and compiled the project… doh! i thought the sdk would let u open and visualize mov files without QT… maybe installing QT i can see something (of course) ?
and how the guys of VLC have done this without needing QT on the machine ? i have to investigate their source code…
bah… QT or not QT ? that is the question…