Rationale for VT3 wrapper setContentScaleFactor to return kResultFalse on macOS?

What’s the rationale for it to return kResultFalse when basically it’s not doing anything?

            ignoreUnused (factor);
            return kResultFalse;



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From the VST3 docs:

When a plug-in handles this (by returning kResultTrue), it needs to scale the width and height of its view by the scale factor and inform the host via a IPlugFrame::resizeView().

In the case of macOS, we don’t handle the scale change at all (it’s not necessary to scale the width and height and notify the host), and the docs imply that we should return false in this case.

Okay. Just makes the output look bad while debugging.


Maybe turn off the reporting for the two calls on macOS?

( Don’t use warnOnFailure for macOS in attachPluginWindow() and updatePluginScale() )



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Bump. I don’t understand this as well.

I just noticed this today; I have been working on my GUI App version for awhile and not checking my plugin versions.

This did not happen in JUCE 6.0.8. I am now running 6.1.5, MacOS, and I get the two “kResultFalse” DEBUG printouts when opening my plugin’s editor (and debugging in the Audio Plugin Host). I guess I’m just to ignore this? It’s worrisome seeing it if it’s meaningless.