Reaper not recognizing .so file for MultiOutSynthTutorial

Hi all,

I’m following along with the JUCE tutorials and plugin examples, and making sure I can compile them, load them into my DAW, and get them to work. I had success with the ArpeggiatorTutorial (though I did have to go into the settings in the PROJUCER and check “Plugin MIDI Input” and “Plugin MIDI Output” before it did anything), but am having trouble getting my DAW to even see the MultiOutSynthTutorial plugin file.

I’m on Ubuntu 18/04.1 LTS, using JUCE 5.4.1, build date 3 Dec 2018. I’m building VST (Legacy) .so files, and building using the Linux Makefile. My DAW is Reaper v5.965 rev 3a8222.

When I enter the “make” command, the output I get is:

Compiling include_juce_audio_plugin_client_VST2.cpp
Compiling Main.cpp
Compiling include_juce_audio_basics.cpp
Compiling include_juce_audio_devices.cpp
Compiling include_juce_audio_formats.cpp
Compiling include_juce_audio_plugin_client_utils.cpp
Compiling include_juce_audio_processors.cpp
Compiling include_juce_audio_utils.cpp
Compiling include_juce_core.cpp
Compiling include_juce_data_structures.cpp
Compiling include_juce_events.cpp
Compiling include_juce_graphics.cpp
Compiling include_juce_gui_basics.cpp
Compiling include_juce_gui_extra.cpp
Linking MultiOutSynthTutorial - Shared Code
Linking MultiOutSynthTutorial - VST
Compiling include_juce_audio_plugin_client_Standalone.cpp
Linking MultiOutSynthTutorial - Standalone Plugin

Which seems like everything is fine. I then have a file in the “build” folder. I add that folder (/home/john/Desktop/JUCE Development/ArpeggiatorTutorial/Builds/LinuxMakefile/build/) to Reaper’s VST plugin paths, click “rescan”, and go to add the plugin to a track. Unfortunately, when I do that, it’s just not there. (It also scans nearly instantly, which usually doesn’t happen if there’s a new plugin detected.)

Any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks for any help! Please let me know if there’s more info I should provide.

The MultiOutSynthTutorial expects to find the Resources folder that was downloaded with the tutorial file, so you’ll need to copy that folder next to the .so file otherwise the plug-in won’t load correctly and Reaper will blacklist it.

Thanks very much for your response! When I add the Resources folder to the same folder as the .so file, Reaper now crashes either when pressing the re-scan button or the “clear cash and re-scan” button. It also looks like it’ll crash even without the Resources folder moved if I click “clear cash and re-scan”, which I guess I just didn’t click until this time around.

Do you think that this sounds like a Reaper problem? If so, I’ll post over on one of their forums asking about it.