Request for VI mode text entry

I am mostly using the Introjucer on Linux, so there's not really a great IDE option with a VI mode. I could use VIM with a ton of tabs, but this is really cumbersome, so what I wind up doing is entering the text directly into the Introjucer.

Just wanted to voice my opinion for an integrated VI mode :p


Sure, no problem, won't take me more than a few minutes to implement the whole of vi! 

Wow, I had no idea it was that easy! Thanks so much!

I’d love this too, but have a feeling Jules may be being sarcastic :slight_smile:

Have you tried for VIM?

  • "YouCompleteMe is a fast, as-you-type, fuzzy-search code completion engine for Vim."
  • "While you type Clang compiles your file and detects warnings or errors. They will be presented in various ways. You don't need to save your file or press any keyboard shortcut to trigger this, it "just happens" in the background."

It comes quite close to having a full blown IDE. Even on OSX I prefere it for writing code over XCode. (I still use XCode for debugging and for profiling).

Hint: Don't forget to place a to the root of your project for setting your preferences.

I could use VIM with a ton of tabs, but this is really cumbersome

Avoid tabs. Use commands like ":sp", ":vsp", ":Lex", ":Sex" etc.

+1 for VIM + YouCompleteMe with clang... works great for me too. Been trying XVim with Xcode last few days but still prefer VIM for editing where possible... would like to get full gdb debugging etc within VIM too at some point. 

Good to know another YCM + JUCE user!

Are you still on XCode 5 (like stated in your footer)? For me XVim with XCode 6 is quite robust. Was not the case with XCode 5.

I just upgraded to XCode 6.1 and almost all my YCM and CLang problems seem to have been solved.. thanks for the tip!