Vim and YouCompleteMe - setting up with JUCE

Hi all

Hoping someone here may be able to help. I'm trying to get YouCompleteMe working with a JUCE project but I get loads of errors that should not appear, and do not appear in XCode. 

I've posted lots of info up on Stack Overflow:

Any help much appreciated - been getting into Vim at work and want to use it instead of XCode for my C++ development. XVim is not really doing it for me.

Github link:


Hi Adam,

for me YouCompleteMe works great in conjunction with JUCE without the issue you're describing.

I have copied the from my current project to the opensource predecessor for you where YCM also only show's real errors and warnings.

Get it from . Either YCM works as expected (check your and the folder structure in your project) or it doesn't (Maybe something is broken with your clang).

I'm working on OSX 10.10 with XCode 6.1. Have installed YCM exactly as described in the "Mac OS X super-quick installation" section on . Installed CMake with homebrew.


Thanks, tried your config, but still have the  same issue, I think my clang is ok though? autocomplete works great, its just the errors that are wrong. 

I have it in the root of my Juce project, standard structure generated by Introjucer.  

Might be something else wrong with my YCM or .vimrc ..

@samuel Thanks for the ycm_extra_conf file, I wasn’t getting the correct completion suggestions and that fixed it.