VIM development stack

Personally I made the transition to vim very early in my programming days, when I was only 14. Since than vim has improved and I eventually switched to neovim. I’m more than happy with it and love to use it.

My question to some fellow vim users is: what are you using in addition to vim that makes your life developing JUCE applications more easy? (plugins, external tools, etc.)

I kind of feel I’m not maxing out in this regard, so I just wanted to get some opinions in on that.

As a fellow neovim user: I like vim as a text editor. For development, using a full IDE made my life easier. CLion and Appcode have really good vim emulation, but they also provide good stuff like built-in static analysis and refactoring tools.

My vim config is quite minimal. I use vim-plug to manage add-ons, namely fzf.vim, vim-cpp-enhanced-highlight, and a colour scheme. I also use the integration script.

The best vim protip I know is to use a keyboard remapper, so that capslock behaves like escape when tapped, or like control when chorded.

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Oh man finally someone who also remaps that stupid useless caps lock button to escape!

Yeah I’m also using an IDE if I have to do something I am not familiar with. But I do basic C++ code still in Neovim.

I’m using Visual Studio and android studio with a vim plugin.

Also I focused on learning the “native” vim as much as possible to be as portable and flexible as possible. Still didn’t prevent me from customizing the sh*t out of neovim. At least I have made a git repository out of it (

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I mainly wanted to know if there is someone out there who uses some kind of plugin or external tool, to supply vim with basic code completion functionality (which would enable me using auto completion not only in the scope of my current file, but including JUCE headers, etc.), so I can use vim more.
Currently I find myself often doing major work in vim, switching to my IDE cleaning up some errors and done. But I somehow would love to have basic intellisense functionality in vim, so I don’t have to cope with the real intellisense as much.
Hope this somehow makes sense. It’s late again. Should probably sleep.

Sadly my capslock is remapped to control, but on the mac i just use Ctrl-[ for escape instead (it’s got one of those silly touch bars) and that’s just fine :slight_smile:

I did try using VIM with the clang autocomplete stuff (VIM makes me horny), but it was rubbish compared to Appcode with the VIM emulation. It’s just a shame their Ctrl-N implementation is shite :slight_smile:

The best experience si on the PC with VSVIM and resharper installed (and rewrap plugin for comments: gq is missing from all the vim emulations for some reason).

I’m using vsvim too. And ideavim when I REALLY gotta use android studio.
Although I was curious and installed You CompleteMe yesterday and will try it out today. I’ll see if it works for me. The thing is actually, I don’t need that much autocomplete as I’m pretty familiar with most of the stuff I’m working with but some autocomplete is nice to steer your mind in the right direction. Gonna report back if I find it useful.

+1 for AppCode / Android studio with the VIM plugin.

I prefer NeoVIM when possible, but my autocomplete / compilation error checking stuff seems to be broken and I haven’t made the time to fix it, as for most of my needs using IDEs works well enough. I miss some of the plugins though, especially with regard to file buffer management, allowing quick switching between recently used files.

I use Karabiner on the Mac to remap Caps-Lock to Escape.

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On windows I can either recommend a registry fix, or UnCap. Linux should be easy with xmodmap

I used to use YouCompleteMe a lot, it worked great, although I think there might be some newer autocomplete plugins IIRC.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get clang_complete running on Windows, which I tried first as I had problems setting up YouCompleteMe the first time. But as I researched YouCompleteMe seems to be the non plus ultra. If just Visual Studio or Jetbrains would enable NeoVim INTEGRATION instead of emulation. Would be a reason for me to switch from Visual Studio to something like CLion…

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Well if you are going to make your life difficult by insisting on the perfect tool combination you might as well work on linux :wink:

I would LOVE to. But my clients focus is on windows although he welcomes the cross platform aspect. And development for windows on Linux is just yank…