Request - Xcode and Swift files


I'm using Swift in my iOS project for native UI stuff. However, when I save the project in Introjucer I have to delete and re-add all the Swift files in order for them to be recognised by Xcode during compilation. This in Xcode 7. 


Good point - try it again now!


Just pulled the latest tip, rebuilt Introjucer and resaved my project - same issue, I need to remove and re-add all the Swift files for it to compile...


Sorry, forgot to add it to the list of source file types - try again now.


I just tried this again, and still have the same issue. It adds the Swift files OK and they're visible in the Xcode project but I have to delete and re-add them in order to compile the project.


Hi guys, I'm still having this issue, just checking in to see if there's a fix possible.


I just tried adding a .swift file to a project and it did appear correctly in Xcode, and it gets compiled. Have you definitely pulled the latest version of the Introjucer?


OK - yes, it is working now, its compiling the Swift files, however I have a new issue now in that it does not pick up the bridging header which is needed to expose Objective-C classes and frameworks to Swift. So I still have to delete and re-import Swift files to get it to build. Not sure if there is anything Introjucer can do to solve this issue.


I've never worked with swift, and have no idea how bridging headers work, but if there's something easy we can add to support it, let us know..