Saved Xcode project changed target name

I’ve just had an issue where it seems that Projucer (4.2) has changed the name of the Xcode target from “MyProject” to “MyProject (App)”. Is this intentional, is it something we can turn off?

It’s normal, it’s just part of the new sub-project system for plugins. The name shouldn’t make any difference to anything though.

It does make a difference to me as I’m using CocoaPods to bring in dependencies on iOS. pod install expects a given target name (declared in the Podfile), and fails if it can’t find it. I’d rather keep the target name to the same as my project name if possible.

OK, well I don’t think it can be changed - we had to create multiple names in there for the different sub-projects.

OK, no probs I can change it in the Podfile then.