Setting up a Codeblocks debug session fails

I’ve got a standalone Audio app that works as expected on OS X. Now I want to run it on Linux for demonstration purposes. In this thread I already started discussing my problem some time ago, but I had no time to dig deeper into a solution, but now, I’d like to get this thing finished.
The problem simply is that the app won’t find any audio interface. So I’d like to start a debug-session in Codeblocks to find out where things fail. However, when setting a breakpoint and starting the debugger, it fails with the message

During startup program exited with code 255

Google won’t help me with this message, so I’m not sure if this is something more JUCE or more GDB related. Comming from XCode, I’m used to having a debugger that “just works” :smiley: so maybe I’ve missed something obvious to you linux people. But for your information, these are the things I checked:

  • No whitespaces in any paths (saw some forum posts about gdb not working with whitespaces in paths)
  • I’ve selected the debug build
  • Debug symbols are enabled in the compiler settings

Have you checked the output of the Build Log in CodeBlocks? It’s usually contains a lot more information than the Build Messages window

It simply says:

“Target is up to date. Nothing to be done” :wink:

Compiling and running the app works, there are just errors to find the audio devices at runtime, that’s why I’d like to start a debug session