Should an empty vst project build without any errors?

I am just getting started with Juce.
I have built a VST plugin project and I think it links to the VST SDK correctly.

However when I build the empty plugin I get an
Allocating an object of abstract class type “pluginname” error
See attached picture.

Could anyone advise me on what would be causing this error?
The project is literally untouched and straight from the introjucer.


My system is osx 10.7.4
Latest Juce
Xcode 10.6.2

Which method does it say is unimplemented?

I guess it is “double getTailLengthSeconds() const;”, I had the same error one week ago with the last JUCE code…

Try using the latest version of the introjucer.

Okay trashed the old Juce and grabbed the latest from Github, I grabbed the .zip.
Created another vst called vsttest.
The same error occurs.

Unused Entity Issue : Unused variable ‘channelData’

Semantic issue : Allocating an object of abstract class type 'VsttestAudioProcessor"

You’re not using the latest version of the introjucer. Build it from the source, then try creating a new project again.

Thankyou for your patience Jules
Vst now working

Seems to me that you should be able to catch the error when your Introjucer binary is older than your Juce installation fairly easily in the Introjucer and pop up a warning?

This might be very little work and save future tech support questions (plus, I’ve made this mistake myself and caught it, but I’d have caught it sooner with the automatic warning…)

That’s actually a really good idea - I’ll do that. Should save me some time on questions like this…