Simple vst console scanner

Im trying to do a simple console vst scanner for windows but I dont understand how I´m supposed to send the formatToLookFor.

int main (int argc, char* argv[])
    KnownPluginList list;    
    FileSearchPath path=FileSearchPath("C://Program Files (x86)//VstPlugins");
    File file;

 PluginDirectoryScanner sacanner=PluginDirectoryScanner(list,AudioPluginFormat& formatToLookFor,path,file);
    return 0;


help please;

It's tricky to do a console scanner, because some annoying plugins try to pop up dialog boxes and other UI crap when you first open them. So you can do a scanner that runs from the console, but I think you'd need it to have an event loop running to handle these.

Thanks for the response, but how I´m supposed to instance a vst AudioPluginFormat or what Im supposed to send as

 AudioPluginFormat& formatToLookFor to scan for vst plugins. Sorry I´m a begginer thanks for yor help.

You just give it an instance of whatever format you need to look for. You can look at the plugin host demo for an example of using those classes.