Single plugin instance with multiple editors opened

Before i dig down deep into JUCE code i will ask this here.

I am hosting VST2 plugin in my wrapper app. I want to have multiple instances of wrapped plugin editor displayed (not different editors, but multiple copies of the same editor).

I’ve tried it, but i am gettings weird results, seems like always only single editor instance is displayed, never both at the same time, despite i am showing them in separate windows.

So i am wondering, is this even possible when hosting VST2 plugin, or it is maybe JUCE limitation?

Any hint would be greatly appreciated !!!


Looking at the API, there is AudioProcessor::getActiveEditor(), which returns exactly one editor.
I don’t know, if this is imposed from JUCE or the VST API, but in the wrapper it is sometimes called to dispatch messages, so that’s probably why it is not working for you.

Thx !!!

I did my homework to found out, that this limitation is imposed by VST2 API.