Slider's textBox behaving extremely weird

Hello !

I have a VST plugin which has sliders on its Editor (3 rotary ones and 3 vertical ones) all with an editable textBox. Now comes the fun part : when I type in the text boxes, only number 1 and 4 (from normal keyboard) and number 5 (from keypad) are accepted. Also, I can type in some other letters/signs. When I press other keys, nothing happens… :shock:

So first question : where do I apply for the “most weird bug”-contest ?

And second question : has anyone seen this before ? Can anyone think of any possible cause ? This has happenend on at least four different computers, and I’m currently typing on one of them, so it’s not just a broken keyboard. I’ve also already tried rebuilding it. This happens both in debug and release build.

Things I’m going to try next (though I doubt this will sort me out…) :
[]Updating to juce tip.[/]
[]Try different VST hosts (so far, Herman Seib’s vsthost and Merging Pyramix have had the problem…)[/]
[]Try to copy-past the UI code in a standalone juce app, see if I can reproduce.[/]
[]Go back to previous version of my VST, to see if it ever worked (tbh, I may not have checked whether typing in the boxes worked, when I added the feature to the prototype…)[/][/list]

Thanks in advance…



Sounds like the host might be eating some of those keypresses before the plugin gets them…?

i always open non-modal windows for text-input. This will work in most hosts. But you always need a fall-back, regular textBox on the main-plugin window for some hosts

Very probably, since when I type a key that is a shortcut of a DAW control, it has an action on the DAW (Typically, the space bar starts the playback instead of typing in a blank space…)

Thanks for the idea. I also read it here : So I was hoping there was a “cleaner” way to make it work, but this workaround really is the only way to make sure it works on all hosts ?

Not sure what you mean ? Could you please be more explicit ?

Thanks for your help…


there are few hosts, where the window workaround wont work, but the usual way works (Bidule for example). You can check the exe-name to differ
Maybe someone could create something like a special PluginTextBox-Class which implements this logic…