Small Bug in

Just threw together something in JUCE to review a bunch of web based content and found a small bug in the QTMovie Mac implementation.

In, the method:

bool QuickTimeMovieComponent::loadMovie (const URL& movieURL,
                                         const bool isControllerVisible_)

Passes in the flag for visible controllers as “isControllerVisible_”, but the method actually uses a class variable:

[view setControllerVisible: controllerVisible];

Which has never been initialized, so sometimes you get the controls, sometimes not. I just changed it to:

[view setControllerVisible: isControllerVisible_];

Though it seems to pick up a looping flag with similar issues. I know QT is sort of a dying beast, but I thought I’d pass it on.

Lots of cool stuff going on here - I’ve been on a project from hell (2 actually) for the last 3 months, but am looking forward to playing more with the latest tip.

Thanks! Yep, I’ll take a look at that, I think I probably meant to set the member variable from that parameter.