Small but annoying VS2015 solution file generation issue

Each time I generate the VS2015 project for my plugin and then open it in VS2015, the solution file ends up modified for some reason (even though nothing was changed in the IDE). It’s not critical, but pretty annoying, as the file will show up as modified in my git repository, event though nothing was really changed.

I think it’s “just” a matter of slightly adjusting the project generation code so that the order in which projects are put in the solution files (and possibly some spacing) corresponds to what VS2015 itself generates.

I attached an screenshot that quickly shows what’s being changed when a Projucer-generated VS2015 solution file is opened in the IDE. Left is the Projucer-generated version, right the version after VS2015 opened the solution.

As said, nothing really urgent, but perhaps something for a lost hour in between more urgent things :wink:

By the way: you might want to rename this forum category from “The Introjucer/Jucer” to “The Projucer” to avoid confusion for people who don’t know the history of the tool :wink: