Softube VST2 and VST3 plugins crash on the Mac when hosted

I am not sure if this is related to this Softtube VST3 plugins crash showing the editor

While we are able to host Softube AU plugins without a problem, we get a crash when trying to host VST2/3 plugins.
Issue existed in older versions of JUCE and in 6.1.0.

The debugger shows when tryin to host Softube Transit Shaper (but it happens with other Softube plugins as well):


Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Pace protected so won’t run under a debugger ?

Is this actually crashing? The debugger says that this it has hit a breakpoint, so you may be able to hit “continue” to carry on using the program.

Sorry, yes @otristan it is Pace protected so i can’t really tell. Completely forgot that.
But it seems it is the same issue from that previous topic because it seems that Softube did not reply.
It shows briefly, for a fraction of a second, the plugin’s editor and then it crashes.

@reuk when i hit continue it goes back to that breakpoint and it is stuck there.

It seems that it has been reported to Softube as well in December 2020, but with no response from them.

An update. I removed the Softube central but did not uninstall the plugins.
All Softube plugins now work in our host, VST2/3 and AU.
Installed the Softube central back and plugins continue to load up ok.
Could this be something that has to do with their activation through the Softube central?
I’ll try to see if i can reproduce the issue.