[Solved ]Juce Demo OpenGL 2D not working

I just tested the Juce Demo on Windows. I noticed that the OpenGL 2D Demo is not working. The display looks garbled and wrong. Here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/dQFEU5x.png

Once this error happens, all other demos look garbled as well and I have to restart the JUCE Demo. The Opengl3D Demo is working mostly fine. The teapot renders correctly, but the 2D elements in the 3D demo are shown incorrectly as well.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? I am working with the latest download from the JUCE homepage, i.e.  JUCE 3.2.0 revision 22/07/2015. OS: Windows 7. Compiler: VS 2013. 

BTW: on OSX I could not reproduce the problem. Seems to be Windows? specific.

Since this may be a GPU specific and driver specific issue, you should probably list both.

Hi Jrlanglois,

Thanks for the tips. Problem solved: I downloaded latest drivers, now everything is OK :-)

For anyone interested: I was using an Intel HD Graphics 4600. Turns out my drivers were still from 2014. The newest drivers fixed the problem.