[SOLVED] Slider::setValue notifying Host

I’ve implemented an XY-Pad, which works pretty well. It is based around the concept that the XY-Element will call


On the X and Y knobs beside it.
However, this value change is never received by the host, like if I were to turn the knob. The sad result is that you cannot record automation from the XY-Pad, which is pretty much what everybody would want to use it for.

So I’m wondering if I am missing another function which will do this? Right now I’ll try to set the audio value directly via


and see if this helps.

Ok, like I said above, I implemented the parameter access via the APVTS directly, and it works… kinda…

I first have to touch the corresponding knob once, then it starts recording automation from the pad. Even if the knob looses focus, it will work from this point on…

Do you call beginChangeGesture() in your XYPad’s onMouseDown(), and endChangeGesture() in its onMouseUp()? That’s what we had to do to get the complete gestures to work in our own custom XYPad.

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^ this. Especially annoying, because it will work in some hosts, and doesn’t in others. Or even depend on the setting of the hosts automation setting.
To implement read/write/latch properly, the beginChangeGesture routine is crucial.

Yes, this was the missing puzzle piece! Thanks guys, works like a charm now!

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