[SOLVED] Xcode AAX error :: Calling a private constructor


I’m new to JUCE and AAX so it maybe a stupid noob question. I’m trying to build an empty project create with Projucer. I have setup VST, VST3, AU and AXX targets. They all build fine except the AXX which give me that error for juce_AAX_Wrapper.cpp:

Calling a private constructor of class ‘juce::ScopedPointerjuce::AudioProcessor

I use Xcode 7.3.1. I had a bunch of ¨std¨ errors that I solved by setting:
C++ Language Dialect : Compiler Default
C++ Standard Library : libc++

I use the SDK 10.11

I need help please

Is your aax sdk path setup correctly?

I think the path is correct because the first time I tried to build the AAX I got a message such as “could not find the -lAAXlibray”. Then I realised that I didn’t build the AAX lbrary. So I have built it the error was gone.

The AAX library was compiled with a different C++ standard library…