Source Code Pro font from Adobe

I wanted to embed this font that Adobe released so i can have a consistent look in my code editors (i use those a lot since there is a lot of LUA editing in the APP), but i JUCE does not want to display this font at all, the OS is rendering just fine:

Anyone has any ideas?

I’m not seeing any such issue when using the Source Code Pro (OTF) fonts in the Juce demo.


It works perfectly for me (in Windows 7)…

OTF works fine by TTF does not, don’t know whats the difference, other apps use it fine. Anyway i’ll use OTF

Well, I installed the TTF… No idea why it’d make any difference though.

I’ve found that some TTFs won’t embed properly. Sometimes repackaging them with FontSquirrel can fix it…

This isn’t really an embedding issue, but why on my windows JUCE does not load the font from the OS when it’s installed via the TTF file

Absolutely no idea, sorry!

Not a problem the OTF font works fine.

Same goes with me buddy. I think, it matters with the OS being used. Don’t you think so?

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