Standalone MIDI to FL Studio?

I’ve built the MIDI message tutorial with no problems and can open it but FL Studio doesn’t recognize any MIDI devices or incoming data as far as I can tell?

W10 vs2022 x64

Sounds like a FL Studio problem. What sort of hardware are you using?

No hardware midi controller, never had midi problems with FL before though, have an MPK mini ii and it works fine but i’m not using it right now.
i5-4690, windows 10, 16gb ram, 1060 6gb.

Seems to me that if you dont have MIDI hardware, the expectation that FL Studio will see a MIDI device is … kind of incorrect? Or are you using a virtual MIDI device of some sort?

The MPK Mini will enumerate itself as a USB-MIDI class device, so maybe just plug that in and see if you get different results…