Steinberg registration page is broken

I know this is hardly the right place for this, but:

I am trying to register with Steinberg for the VST3 license, but their webpage is completely broken:

I tried on multiple systems, Linux and Windows…

It mentions on another site that I only have to fill out a form and send it to them. (Link to form not provided… :man_facepalming: : ) Anyone with an idea where I can get it?

You can just email them for it I think:

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There is a .PDF in the SDK download that you print out, complete, scan and send to

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The scanning is the right thing to do, since when VST2 was revoked, only the hand signed versions counted as exception.
I don’t expect something like that to happen in the next 10 years, but better safe than sorry…

do we need to get a vst3 license to be allowed to sell them or what’s the idea?

You need the license to distribute free plugins, even. Steinberg has a somewhat tight grip around their API, which is the reason we cannot distribute VST2 anymore.

A community owned plugin interface is overdue IMHO, but it would take ages for hosts to adopt it and only add another plugin type to the already too many, which end users cant distinguish anyway.

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100% agreed. But then you have companies like Apple, and they will never allow anything else than CoreAudio in their software, just for political reasons.
And Logic is a factor you cannot ignore.
And AVID as well, but they have at least a technical reason, which is HDX and AudioSuite.

If I understand right, VST3 tries to address this problem and has wrappers in the SDK, so you can run it in different hosts? But I’ve never seen it in practice so far.