Suggestion: create Gitter chat room

I've just recently discovered which is a chat room service linked to Git repositories (can refer to issues and PRs easily). I wonder if its something JUCE team would be interested in setting up?

Gitter is funky!

I wonder if it is possible to bridge it with the #juce IRC channel on Freenode... seems to be suggesting it doesn't quite work.

I suspect the IRC Community might migrate if there is conversation happening on a Gitter.



Hello again everyone! I’ve been away from JUCE for nearly a year.

I spent the last couple of months working with Julia. They are using gitter here. It’s really good! Much better than IRC – you can embed links, format text with markdown, code auto-{formats&highlights}. Anyone with a GitHub account can participate. Also it stores the conversation history so you don’t need to stay logged in. They have also hooked it up to an rss feed that notifies on each commit to the main repo, and bridged it with the ##julia IRC channel. The core devs don’t use it, at least they don’t participate in it – nevertheless there is a substantial community there.

I think a JUCE gitter would act as a community catalyst. Learners could ask questions and intermediates could hone their skills by answering.