Support for Metro Style App (Win8, VS11) projects?

Juce works with Visual Studio 11 with some minor changes, which is great. This does not mean it can be used with Metro Style Apps though. I find this important because Metro Style Apps are the only kind of apps that will be allowed into the Windows App Store.

Metro Style App projects impose restriction about the APIs that can be used. There are functions in the crt that are not allowed for example _tzset. Here is a complete list:

Compiling juce_core on Visual Studio 11 for a win32 project works fine (with small changes). With a metro style app project there are many errors.

Are there plans for Juce to support Metro Style App projects? And is there a broad timeframe for that, eg before win8 gets released / after win8 gets released?

Would love to support it, but don’t really see myself having time to attempt it in the near future…

Any news on this? Did MS loosen the restrictions? Anyone try to get a juce app on the store yet?