TextEditor hangs lone time if paste large content to it

Platform: Windows 7 Ultimate Chinese version
Juce version: 4.2.0

modules\juce_audio_formats\codecs\oggvorbis\libvorbis-1.3.2\lib\books\coupled\res_books_stereo.h is 630.2Kb and has 15783 lines code.
I copied the content of res_books_stereo.h and pasted it to TextEditor, TextEditor will hang about 10 seconds to finish the work.
I pasted the same conent to CodeEditor. CodeEditor will not hang. It can paste immediately.

Well… TextEditor was never designed to scale very well to large file sizes, whereas CodeEditor can handle huge files. I’d actually like to rewrite TextEditor completely internally, but not sure when we’ll have time to do that, and TBH making it deal with large files would never really be a priority.