The path for Audio Units

I’m wondering why the path for Audio Units is to user library rather than home library.
I setup anything else on root so I feel little weird this default.
Or is there a obvious way to change the path I’m missing?

Sorry if there is well-known reason for that.


Isn’t user and home library the same thing?

Nope. I meant “/Users/MYNAME/Library” and “/Library”.

agree. I have set it to /library as well and most plugins are located there…

why the path for Audio Units is to user

Where? Which setting do you mean?

/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/ needs root permission = for all users , ~/Library/Audio/Plugins = only for the user, hosts scan usually both

During developing the xcode-script copies the newly build plugins to the user directory which i think is good practice.

You could try overriding it in the Projucer in Custom Xcode Flags e.g., INSTALL_PATH="/path/to/install"

Exactly. What if you make a host application for AU? My protools and logic are fine but ablton live8/9 are often buggy to read mine. Just wanted experiment changing the path.

ProTools does not read AU at all. And it has it’s own setting for the path as well. You can create a Plug-Ins folder next to the application to override the built in, which is very handy for your unsigned development versions.

My workflow for your situation would be to rename the original AU folder and symlink a private one there, where my builds go. When your done and want the original behaviour back, just delete the symlink and rename the original folder back.

Ok, protools you need to rewire a host app.

But thank you for mentioning symlink. Actually I was doing for some of folders in btw user and root, and later setup everything on root.

I thought just something different way to scan btw Live and others. Because once it happens, it won’t recognize mine in no matter which library they are. I was trying to change default path setting.