The Tracktion Engine Team

Hi all, I thought it would be a good idea to give a quick introduction to who the Tracktion team is on the forums so you know who you’re talking to.

@jules really needs no introduction on here but I’ll give a quick one anyway. He started work on Tracktion over 16 years ago, releasing T1 back in 2002. Since then he’s mostly been doing nothing.

@RolandMR Roland Rabien was working for an arm of Mackie when Jules sold Tracktion to them. He worked firstly alongside Jules updating T2, and then took over from him to release T3 so has a long history with Tracktion and the Engine. Although he maintained T3 for a while at Mackie, development eventually petered out and the world thought Tracktion was lost for good…

@dave96 I (Dave Rowland, also dRowAudio on some places on the web) became apart of the Tracktion team soon after Woody got the band of Jules and Dave Christenson (of Stabilizers fame and deeply missed) back together again in 2012, releasing T4. I’ve been working on Tracktion, now Waveform and Tracktion Engine for the past 6 years.

Me, Roland and Jules have all spent essentially the past 6 years prising the Engine from the app codebase and shaping it in to something that truly stands on its own.

Feel free to ask us anything about it and we’ll try and come up with a sensible answer!



From an indie dev that could by no means write his own audio engine, and would love to thank you all for giving the opportunity. @jules @RolandMR @dave96 !

I have a couple apps for Android I am going to “port” to this framework and see how it goes.


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Small correction. Jules released T2. I joined after that and did some T2 point releases and then T3. Also for some unknown reason I’m @G-Mon on the forum and @FigBug everywhere else on the internet. I also have @FigBug on the forum but I haven’t used that account since 2006. I guess I lost the password.


Thanks @RolandMR, updated the OP to reflect these changes.