Total newb: what beginner resources would you recommend to start with?

I learn more audio-visually so I do better with video tutorials rather than reading text!

I see there is an Audio Programmer Youtube channel. I just subscribed to that.
Are there any other video resources you’d recommend?

I see on Kadenze website there is a comprehensive course by the guys at Output. Its a touch expensive, but was wondering what people thought of that?

(My history is that I have been producing songs as a serious hobby for three+ years now, I also have a background (far back) as a C programmer and have programmed a few Windows apps with Python lately. I also know Perl and some web programming. My music theory knowledge is intermediate. My aim is to program a Midi effect VST.)

AFAIK this thread is related.


In my opinion, all newbies should begin with the tutorials on the official website of juce. In this textes you learn the absolute basics. There’s a tutorial to make a midi-plugin : JUCE: Tutorial: Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin, Part 1: Setting up