Unity plugins and latency etc (not a juce problem, just for discussion)

It’s great that JUCE provided the Unity plugin wrapper. It works so well and easily. Taking an existing plugin and making it work was easy.

The real weakness here is Unity’s audio engine. It’s just not good.

For my use, I’m thinking that I can bypass the audio engine and go directly to the audio diver.

Any thought on doing this with the plug-in infrastructure? Can I use the audioDeviceManager class within a plugin or better to avoid the plugin infrastructure make a DLL and access the audio driver from there?

Unless the driver runs in exclusive mode, there should be no technical problem, connecting from two independent points to the audio device.

However, I would try to avoid that, it can have implications, e.g. if the Unity offers selecting the audio output, you will have to synchronise your output with that (expect fun things, like localised device names in one, and not localised in the other), so it will be awkward from a users perspective.

Completely remove Unity’s own audio engine is also not a good option IMHO, since you loose all spatial rendering for animated audio sources…

Thanks @daniel.

I’ll bear your comments in mind.