Ventura and xcode14

I don’t think it has been mentioned on the forum already, so I thought I would drop a quick note for those interested / looking for the info:

If you upgrade to ventura, you have to use xcode 14, that drops support for 10.9-10.12.

so the choice seems to be:

  • remain with Xcode 13, and support back to 10.9 running in macOS Monterey
  • or upgrade to Ventura, run Xcode 14, and drop support for 10.9-10.12.


yep, I just had to find that out, too :sweat_smile:
Now I am doing a night shift, and installing monterey on my build system again :wink:

During the Ventura beta, people have used workarounds to get XCode13 running. Are these no longer possible?

In Xcode 14, I have left the deployment target at 10.11 and it still works. Tested on VMs and no user complaints. I’m guessing the danger is if I use a newer feature going forward I won’t get a warning / compile error then it will blow up on user machines.


In addition, developers that are protecting their products with PACE should check out the recent email from PACE whose subject starts with “Eden SDK 5.6.3, macOS Ventura”, for their stance about updating build enviroments to Ventura and Xcode14.
(sorry, can’t go into more details because of the agreement with PACE. Now that JUCE is part of PACE, it would be nice if there were a subsection of the forum only available to verified users of their SDK that have signed the NDA)


This is why we have multiple Macs, both Intel and ARM, at hand … alas this is the MacOS way.

I finally upgraded my secondary laptop to Ventura and can confirm the workaround is possible. After upgrading the OS, just rename to, install Xcode 14 and then launch Xcode13 using the terminal.

This leads to an “interesting” about dialog, and obviously shouldn’t be used for production builds, but otherwise it appears to work mostly fine (so far).

No surprise. Expect macOS 14 and xcode 15 to drop 10.13 and 10.14 (or 10 entirely?).
Now the real speculation is when they will drop OpenGL support and wreak more havoc.


Just wanted to say thanks for the heads-up!

We’ve been supporting 10.9.5 and higher for a long time now, and have no plans to stop, as there are SO many users running macOS versions earlier than 10.13. I wish Apple would slow down their rate of forced obsolescence.


Let’s do it :slight_smile:

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