Version 1.7

Ok, I finally got round to uploading a new version!

Should include fixes for any bugs we discussed here, and a handful of new features. Shout if you have any problems with it.

going back to 1.6…

  • TreeView stopped working, I did diff and the there are changes in listbox.cpp that are probably causing it
  • Sliders set by API to init value but once I touch them with the mouse they jump to 0


  • TreeView was not improved or completed (node selection event…)
  • Horizontal Scroll bar bug in ListBox/TreeView not in change list

I guess I will wait for new version, tell me if you want me to debug the problems…

Ooh… Quicktime movie support :D.
(not sure what I’ll do with it though…)

  • Niall,

Are you sure there are problems with treeviews and sliders? I obviously use them a lot in things like tracktion, and they work just fine…

I rebuilt my project and thats what happened, didn’t debug it, maybe it how I use them or a build problem but in 1.6 it worked.

On the treeview I don’t want to waste time now since:

  • you said it might be redesigned
  • hoping it will be more efficient and not ask for number of subnodes but only if it has subnodes and only get them when its opened
  • still waiting for the node selection event (i hacked 1.6 but i get 2 events for each selection…)
  • still waiting for the horizontal scrollbar fix (is it fixed in 1.7?)

So I rather upgrade for a new treeview and not now…and then I will check everything


Ok. I’ve written 99% of the new treeview code, but it’s not quite ready yet. It’ll be in the next release.

thanks, I have time, gone to a side project for logging VST API, I will use 1.7 for this project

This library is :shock: I have never seen a thing like that, there is a class for every thing we would want to use, specially for controls, strings, random numbers, msg windows, timer… And graphics :shock: and audio of course ! And it’s fast ! I have not seen every function but I have done a good discovery with Juce, it’s far away the time when I developped with VC++ and MFC or DirectX (so boring !).

Thanks Jules to have shared this library with everybody ! Now I have restarted programming in C++ :wink: And maybe a big project…

Glad you like it - make sure you tell all your mates about it!

No problem Jules :wink: