VS exporters don't choose appropriate Windows SDK


I just updated to VS 2017 to coincide with the latest JUCE update, so I’m working with a fresh install of VS alongside a fresh build of Projucer.

When I export a project using VS 2017 (though I’d imagine it happens with all other exporters), the Windows SDK version is always set to 8.1, which I’d guess is hardcoded into the exporter. On Windows 10 this fails because obviously Windows 10 ships with the Windows 10 SDK rather than the Windows 8.1 SDK by default.

The appropriate behavior should be an exporter dropdown to use either the currently running OS (default) or choose an installed SDK. JUCE should never attempt to use an SDK which isn’t installed on the user’s system, it’ll confuse newbies and is plain inconvenient.

The current workaround for me is to go into the project properties and set the SDK manually to Windows 10, which compiles fine. Another workaround is to install the Windows 8.1 SDK manually, which I’m not crazy about since it’s not necessary and adds extra cruft to my machine.


OK this has been fixed on the develop branch. You can now change the Windows Platform Target Version inside the Projucer:


Thanks, but why is it labeled “VS2017”? I’m pretty sure this affects all versions of Visual Studio which support Windows platform targeting - I know for sure VS2015 does, and I’d imagine VS2013 does as well.