VST file not being created when I build plugin?

Hi, I am currently making a plugin in Juce with the IDE Visual Studio. Whenever I try to build the program it says it is successful without any errors however it will not create a VST file.

Anyone know the problem? I have already set up VST SDK.

Thank you for your time.

Which compiler version are you using? Where did you look for the plugin?

In AppConfig.h do you have:

#define JucePlugin_Build_VST              1


Hi Jon thanks for the reply!

Yes I have #define JucePlugin_Build_VST 1 within Config

I’m not entirely sure how to check my compiler version!

I have looked in VST plugin folders on my computer

It won’t get built into the VST plugins folder… It’ll be built into the path defined in the project’s Output settings… usually in the build folder\Debug\App\plugin.dll or build folder\Release\App\plugin.dll

Visual; Studio will actually show the output path in the Output window when it completes the build.


The built plugin goes into the Visual Studio project build folder, it’s not automatically copied into your VST2 plugin folder. (Because there’s no such standard folder anyway for VST2.)

Got it thank you very much!