Vst Plug-In Clean Project error Help!

Hello guys,

I’d love to make a Vst Plug-In using JUCE C++ but i got some problem. I followed tutorial and created audio plug-in project. However as i want to start the program this error appears (as showed below):

I’m stuck on this problem and cannot go further. Could you tell me what should i do to make this program work?

Maybe reading this thread gets you started:

Good luck


Actually, they didn’t manage do solve that problem :confused: neither did I

It looks like you try to start a dll in the debugger. A plugin is a enhanchement to be run from a DAW, either Cubase, Reaper, Studio One or the JuceDemoHost.

Did you try the things @jonathonracz proposed?

What were the problems you got using one of his methods?

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