VST SDK files Cannot be Found? Is this a GPL issue?


I’m quite new to this whole thing, but I’ve read multiple times that the GPL and the VST SDK are incompatible. I don’t know if this holds any truth. But I do know that when I try to compile/debug/build my code I get errors telling me that it cannot find the audioeffect(x) header and cpp files. Even though when i run Introjucer I specify what directory those files are kept in.

If it matters I’m using VS 2008, Juce 1.53 (or whatever the latest version is), and have the VST v2.4.

Thank you for your help,

Do you use the IntroJucer?
Generally you probably havn’t set the vstsdk path right. In the IntroJucer this is done in the Exporter settings (VST Folder).


Yes the introjucer is what i used. I honestly don’t know what I changed from the last time I attempted it, but it worked.